Motion DevTools can be used to edit every part of an animation. Your changes will be reflected on the page in real-time.

Note: Editing animations is exclusive to Motion One Pro subscribers. Features mentioned in this article will be disabled unless you're logged in.

Change a value name

Value names are editable input fields. Names can be in either CSS-style pipe-case or Motion One-style camelCase.

Change value dialog

Add a new value

Next to every element name is a plus icon. Click it to add a new value.

New value dialog

Add a keyframe

Click outside an existing keyframe to insert a new keyframe into a value's animation.

Move a keyframe

Drag a keyframe to change its position in the timeline. Currently, keyframes are snapped to 0.05s increments.

Move keyframe button

Edit a keyframe

By clicking a keyframe:


The Edit Keyframe dialog will open.

Edit keyframe panel

Here, the value and easing of the keyframe can be changed.

Delete a keyframe

Keyframes can be deleted by opening the Edit Keyframe panel and pressing the "Delete keyframe" button.

Delete keyframe button

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