Motion One

Tiny size.
Huge performance.

A new animation library, built on the Web Animations API for the smallest filesize and the fastest performance.

npm install motion
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Shockingly simple.

Motion One packs the power of the Web Animations API into a minimal API.

It adds new features like selectors, individual transforms, timeline sequencing and more.

animate("#ball", { scale: 1.3 })
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Size matters.

Motion One's animate function is just 3.8kb, and scroll is only 2.5kb.

Both less than 20% the size of their Greensock equivalents.

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Motion One

Max performance.

Motion One uses hardware accelerated animations where possible.

So your UI stays snappy and responsive, even under heavy workloads.

Performance guide

Accelerated animations

Normal (simulated)

Best in dev.

Motion DevTools is a Chrome extension for inspecting, editing and exporting animations made with Motion One or CSS.

See DevTools

And more...

  • Keyframes

    Simple array syntax for quick animation sequencing.

  • Timeline

    Create intricate animations across multiple elements.

  • Springs

    Velocity-based springs for naturalistic animation.

  • Production-ready

    Written in TypeScript, with full test coverage.

  • Free for all

    Published under MIT. No annual commercial license to worry about.

  • Old dog, new tricks

    Created by the author of Framer Motion, Pose, and Popmotion.

Get started with Motion One's interactive quick start guide.

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