Photo of Matt

Hi there! I'm Matt Perry, creator of Framer Motion.

Now, I'm making Motion One and Motion DevTools to make native browser animation APIs easier to use.

Motion One is a JavaScript animation library built on the Web Animations API. It's designed to package all the power and performance of native browser animations in a simpler API, while also extending its capabilities to offer new features like timelines, animation functions and springs. It's free for everyone to use under the MIT license.

Motion DevTools is a browser extension that makes it easier than ever to develop CSS and Motion One animations. You can record, inspect, edit and export animations via a classic timeline interface.

By becoming a subscriber to Motion Pro, you'll unlock the edit and export features of Motion DevTools. Additionally, you'll gain access to the private GitHub repo. Here, you can check out the source code, open bug reports and feature requests, and get support from myself and the growing community.

Thank you for your support!